Stranded, sandfree

Three weeks, and the rear suspension of Jan´s bike says goodbye, so long, and thanks for the fish. Nope, we were not happy. Jan standing there with the oil of the suspension on his finger, slowly putting the puzzle pieces of the last few days together…

But we quickly considered us immensely lucky in all that mess. Because we did not find out about this on the side of the road somewhere in rural Tansania, but in the front yard of Ulrike´s and Udo´s house in Chipata, where we had been received and hosted like old friends. And where we could shamelessly use their internet connection to find a solution – or at least make a plan.

Which goes as follows: We repacked the bikes so that Jan´s bike will only carry a minimum of luggage. Then we leave for Malawi and very slowly and carefully make our way to Tansania, where a brand new suspension by Wilbers should be waiting for us in about 10 days time. So we will start wiggling, stretching and warming up our hands and fingers to be ready for the first major work on the bikes.